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Richard Rieck - Co-Founder

Richard Rieck - Co-Founder

Waukegan, IL, US

Richard Rieck is “that guy”… Yes, he has a Smart Car. Feel free to reach out to him and give him a hard time. We certainly do! Rich also has a nickname around Weber Yachts…..Yoda. No, he isn’t a raving mad Star Wars fan. Rich just has this unique skill of being able to fix anything. He spent the better part of his professional career starting robotics companies and designing highly sophisticated robots for companies across the world. Pick a big company, and they probably use one of Rich’s robots. Pretty crazy! Nowadays, Rich is spending his time and expertise on his true love, boats. A lifelong boater and avid waterskier, Rich is basically always on the water. In the rare moment you don’t find him on the water, you will probably find him in the sky. Rich is an FAA licensed private pilot with over 1,800 logged flight hours. He also enjoys SCUBA diving, his 5 kids, and his lovely wife Karen.

Rich can be reached at (224) 475-6320 or

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